To help us live happy and healthy lives we have developed 'Our Way'. It's a simple system that helps us put our beliefs into practice and line up what we do with what we think and believe. It isn't about keeping a set of rules, but about creating a framework to help us discover how we can grow the rhythms and relationships that make up our everyday lives. Our Way is based around three principles from the life of Jesus; loving ourselves, living together and giving something back. Have a look at our three ideas to see if they could help create a pattern of life that nourishes and sustains you, then click number 4 to create your own Way…

Check out our 2 minute 'Our Way' video here
If you're looking at this and trying to make sense of it all, book in for an 'Our Way' coaching session. It will give you a chance to chat the questions through with someone who is already on the journey and will help you consider how and what, and most importantly, why!

If you would like to update or adjust your Way you are very welcome to go through the process again and within a few days you will receive a pdf with your updated commitments.