Here are the vdeo updates from our Cross Trainer Challenge. BIG thanks to everyone who stepped up!

40hrs to go!
Almost 12hrs down
We need a bigger gazebo!
14hrs to go!
The end is in sight!!
5hrs in
Morning has broken
Almost half way :-)
6hrs to go…
Easter People…


Last Easter we took on a gruelling 40 hour exercise bike challenge. It was a great way to experience the highs and the lows of the Easter weekend, so this year we're back for more with a 40 hour cross trainer challenge!
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We'll be set up once again on the green outside St Francis Hall on Nightingale Avenue, Eastleigh. Each slot is 30 mins long but there will always be someone around to take over if you need a break. If there's a specific slot you want, message us on Facebook or email us here to reserve it, otherwise just come down and give it a go!